The Cretan land, the sun, the sea and the weather conditions have given in the island, since the ancient times, the opportunity to nourish its vineyards and to produce, rich in quality and characteristics, grapes known for their capacities since the ancient times.

The Cretan Grape Honey Sirup.

    Petimezi (grape molasses), dark thick elixir that sweetness the human uraniscus for many years.
   It is produced by boiled-down must (grape juice).
   It is 100% pure and it doesn’t contain preservatives, colors and sugar.
   It is used self-same, in cooking and in pastry.   

Our interest and concern about this absolutely traditional product prompted us to take a step further and investigate in depth whether all these beneficial properties as we know up to now about petimezi have scientific documentation.
Thus we turned to the institute that truly adorns the island, University of Crete, and distinctly to Mr. Ilia Kastana.
With great pleasure and genuine interest he agreed to do a thorough investigation. His enthusiasm made us proud and gave us wings to continue our effort to make this traditional product and its beneficial properties known to all over the world.

   We have made contacts with people inside and outside Greece for this product that its use is lost in the depth of centuries and the messages are very positive. aims to help the old generation remember this unique in flavor and perfume traditional product and introduce it to the new generation. 

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