The Cretan land, the sun, the sea and the weather conditions have given in the island, since the ancient times, the opportunity to nourish its vineyards and to produce, rich in quality and characteristics, grapes known for their capacities since the ancient times.
The last 50 years our company Cretan Bakery is involved in the bread & 
pastry business with dignity, respect and eagerness.
We love what we do and we prove it every day to all of you that trust us all these years.

Every day we try not only to enrich our image but yours as well through your every day table, 
in your every day hospitality, targeting quality and taste.

We become better and better not only because we need it but because that’s what 
make us different. Our every day routine is simple and productive because that’s our  choice.

In the year 2009 we continue to honour the people who gifted us with the art of making bread & pastry 
by respecting their history, philosophy and culture. Thus we not only use the best ingredients but 
we also prepare all of our products like we would have done in our own house.

The history of Cretan Bakery taught us that our devotion to tradition and quality should not 
be a choice but our goal. A goal we treasure for 50 years and for the years to come…

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