The Cretan land, the sun, the sea and the weather conditions have given in the island, since the ancient times, the opportunity to nourish its vineyards and to produce, rich in quality and characteristics, grapes known for their capacities since the ancient times.


Petimezi (grape molasses or grape syrup) was the ancient sweetener. Athenian (end of 2nd-beginning of 3rd e.g. century).

There was even a type of evaluation scale for must and in consequence for petimezi (grape molasses or grape syrup) depending on its color and density.

   We find traces of the use of petimezi (grape molasses or grape syrup) in Cyprus and ancient Rome. Cretan petimezi is famous since Minoan era.

   Today after scientific studies on the nutritious value of petimezi (grape molasses or grape syrup) we see that this traditional sweetener that ostracized from sugar returns dynamically and claims the place that it deserves.

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