The Cretan land, the sun, the sea and the weather conditions have given in the island, since the ancient times, the opportunity to nourish its vineyards and to produce, rich in quality and characteristics, grapes known for their capacities since the ancient times.

Cretan Petimezi

Cretan petimezi emanates from condensation of grape must coming from exceptional and mature Cretan grapes. It has splendid aroma and flavor. It is a product made with traditional way and is used as sweetening substance in traditionally homemade sweets, in pancakes, in doughnuts and others. It is most excellent syrup for all kinds of ice-cream. This product was used by our ancestors as thermal means in the period of the war, but also as sweetening substance in the pastry making when people could not afford buying sugar because of the high price.

      The traditional Syrup of Grape (grape molasses) can be used from modern cooks in proportion 1:1 instead of sugar in the all sweets, even in bread with butter, while it is also the basic component for the traditional sweets made from fruits named retselia.

   The traditional Syrup of Grape (grape molasses) apart from wonderful and unforgettable flavor, gives perfume, color and a lot of nutritious components anywhere it is used. It can also be used instead of grape must in the preparation of moustalevria.
   Petimezi is suitable for:
*Moustalevria, moustokouloura and moustokalamara
(the grape must that is required is made with 2-3 parts of water - depending on the sweetness that we seek - and 1 part petimezi)
*Petimezi liqueur
(3 parts molasses and 1 part raki-tsikoudia)
* Petimezi shot
(3 parts raki-tsikoudia and 1 part petimezi)
*As syrup in ice-cream
(1 spoonful of soup)
*As sweetening in the yoghurt
(2 spoonfuls of soup)
*Cooling beverage
 (1 part of petimezi and 4 parts frozen water)
*Ice lolly
(1 part of petimezi and 4 parts of rubbed ice)
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